Vision and Ethos

Vision and Ethos

Chris Humphreys - Chairman

Sturminster Marshall FC is a community based club. Most of our players live locally and have played for the club since the very beginning of their footballing journeys.

Recruitment - we do not believe in trials and will recruit from all backgrounds, genders and abilities. We are limited to squad sizes based on Dorset rules - where we have large numbers we run 2 teams.

Are we competitive? - Yes. We believe that players need to behave and listen to gain more game time. Game time is rotated fairly within our Minis-U10 section. Once they reach Youth age then competition for game time is slowly introduced. Players are still given fair match and game time but it is earned more through effort and application in training and matches. This is an important life lesson and we like to develop our players into that mentality.

Results or development? - Both! Our key aim is to develop all players to be the best they can be. Work is done to ensure all reach their potential. Do we look at results? No - instead we focus on performance! This is a much better measure as you can have a great performance and lose. Likewise you can play poorly and win. Focussing on development and performance means we always have things we can work on.

Style of play - possession football with an emphasis on attacking pace and excitment! We want all our players to be brave in possession and to be able to think and play their way out of trouble. We want them to express themselves as well as being able to execute strategical and tactical game plans. We want them to be competitve and athletic as well as demonstrating good behaviour and respect for all during the game and beyond.

Coaching - we offer paid courses to all our coaches and encourage them to learn ad develop as they progress. We cover all costs and also encourage our players to gain qualifications in coaching and refereeing in order to understand the game further.

Costs - football should be an accessible game for everyone. Our costs are kept as low as possbile and our wonderful sponsors do a great job in support us.